Mother Teresa
There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread.

Well, I’m not sure about the above statement, but I really think everyone wish for appreciation. There is no factor of age in the longing for being appreciated. A small boy drew a picture of a car and ran to his mother & show it to her… what if her response is like “leave me alone… don’t you have anything to study??? “… Most people don’t realize that could hurt his mind deeply and get a feeling that “my mom doesn’t care”. Instead of that, what if she said “wow… its really good… smart boy…” or something like that… I think that small comment will definitely make him happy…  

This is the same in all fields, even if it your school, workplace or home… we often forget to thank or appreciate our loved ones. How many times have you thanked your mom for doing all the things she has done in the past for you?  We always take all that gestures for granted and never appreciate her. At the same time, we complaint about our manager not appreciating us after working a very long day or finishing the project on time.

I didn’t mean to preach or anything. It just happened to me yesterday, I worked late and finished a project on time and I didn’t even get a “thank you” or “good work” or anything like that. I was really angry while driving back home and thought “why cant people appreciate more?… its just a word that cost nothing”… then I started thinking about all the things that our family members do for us and we never spend a min thanking them… J…

I know i dont have much readers now… but whoever read this post… just give it a thought 🙂