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“The Day I wasted $22 & 90 minutes from my life” would be a better title. I didn’t read any reviews before going to this movie.  AB & I were shopping in the mall for some holiday gifts and decided to watch this movie as a part of “Saturday Movie Night”.  This movie is a remake of a 1951 movie with the same title. I think this story probably worked better in 1951 rather than in 2008.

Story in a nutshell: An alien messenger (Keanu Reeves) in human form comes to save the earth from humans (basically to end mankind). The secretary of Defense gives an order to destroy him. An astrobiologist (Jennifer Connelly) develops a soft corner to the alien and helps him to escape from their custody. She learns from the alien about his reason for arrival and decides to convince him that we can change.  When he see that the human have another side other than our destructive nature (from few of the emotional scenes between the scientist & her step son (Jaden Smith)), he decide to leave the planet Earth giving us another chance to “change”.

I think I spoiled the suspense of the story. But to be honest, there was not much suspense or can’t even really called as a thriller.

p.s Reeves looked handsome…