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Just like any other “working” day, I was having lunch and browsing through my favorite blogs. I found an interesting post in ART‘s blog where she had a list of main events that happened in this year. I got this idea (or I stole this idea… ) from her and thought I will also sum up the main things that happened in this year so far…

2006 & 2007 were filled w/ many bumps  and I couldn’t just wait for 2008. Let’s see how my year went:

Married the love of my life and had a great vacation in India.
Gained 4 lbs in 1 month ( I wonder what I ate in India) 😛

Got severe homesick especially when I started cooking (for the 1st time)
AB’s mom’s bday…

AB’s brother visited.

Bro’s 18th birthday. Missed him terribly
Celebrated our first onam together

Got few new good friends Annu , Deep, Smits, …
AB’s bro’s & parents wedding anniversary…

acha amma’s 25th wedding anniversary… I was not there 😦
AB’s parents visited

Took a trip to LA w/ AB’s parents

My parents visited.
I started my new job

Celebrated our first onam together w/ 2 other couples (Ann & Rosh)
Another onam lunch @ smit’s.
AB’s acha’s & sil’s bday
I get stuck w/ work politics

AB’s birthday
Started our poker night w/ couple of friends …
AB’s parents visit us again.
His dad gets the Marie E. Nyswander Award, which is given in recognition of lifetime accomplishments in advancing compassionate and humane treatment of patients suffering from pain.
Upset again about work politics

His parents went back to India.
AB leaves me for a 1 week conference. (I had fun though, thx to smits for taking me around 😀 )
My birthday 🙂
AB’s bro’s birthday
His best friends visit from TX & IL.
Another LA trip with them.
Annu’s wedding. We couldn’t attend, but really happy for them 😦
Upset again about work politics

Stared my blog for the 2nd time after a 2 yr break 🙂
Paid off my student loan (uff finally loan free)
Work started getting better
East Coast trip to visit my parents & college friends for xmas.

Looking back, yes 2008 was a good year for me unlike 07 & 06. I didn’t have big troubles through out the year instead I had a lot of happy moments to keep in my memory. Thank God!!!

For all those who had a troublesome 2008… don’t worry, let’s hope that 2009 will bring lot of happiness & smiles…

Happy Holidays!!!

Wishing you & yours a Merry Christmas.

Signing off from West Coast!