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Its not another post about “lost in cyber world” or no connection to internet or me being lost in general 🙂 . I mentioned in one of my previous posts that we are fans of some sitcoms. We added a new one to our favorites list.

Lost is an American serial drama television series. It follows the lives of plane crash survivors on a mysterious tropical island, after a commercial passenger jet flying between Sydney, Australia and Los Angeles, United States crashes somewhere in the South Pacific. Each episode typically features a primary storyline on the island as well as a secondary storyline from another point in a character’s life.

The series started around September, 04, but we only started to watch it a month back. The whole craziness started from the 3 LOST cds from NetFlix. After that we didn’t have patience to wait for the other cds to come. So thanks to ABC.com for having all the episodes uploaded in HD quality. We used to stay up late night (even upto 4 am) watching back to back episodes.  Season 5 just started yesterday, so if there is anyone interested in watching the series; visit www.hulu.com or www.abc.com for the episodes you’ve missed.