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Several times in my old posts I mentioned that I loveeeee dance & I’m saying it again… I just love it!!! πŸ˜›

Β A month back we (4 of my friends + me) participated in a semi classical dance competition.Β  The choreography was really good and it was a song about Lord Ganesha… Most of us messed up here and there but very minimal for the audience to notice πŸ˜‰ … at least that’s what I think.Β  It’s really hard to get costumes here for any dances other than bangra or dandia costumes. We didn’t want to use any of those sorts, so we bought materials (net cloth, linings & lace) and stitched it. Thanks to Wal-Mart & Michaels !!!!Β  We dragged all of our close friends to watch the program. Since most of us have lotsa common friends; the audience list from our side was very less ;). But anyways long story short, surprise… we won first πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ ….

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Β 2 weeks later we (5 of us) participated in a Holi dance program in a nearby temple. It was more of a cinematic dance & most of us enjoyed it during the practice. I think it was mainly bcoz the dance had too many quick movements & we thought “hey best way to burn calories”. Most of us are of the same kind “got a gym less than 2 apts away but too many excuses to stay away from it, like “apartment gym is too small”, “too many guys”… bla bla bla. Β Coming back to the topic…this dance was not a competition, so I think the seriousness level was really low (for me at least). May be that’s the reason πŸ˜‰ we forgot few steps on stage. The very funny part was that, 95% of the other participants were <10 aged πŸ˜€ and audience were quite surprised to see us. None of our so called “close” friends showed up for this program… may be bcoz we scared the he** outa them in the last one ;).. well cant blame them… even AB was not there to see the dance; he came exactly 10 minutes after our dance. I wonder whether it was intentional or just a GPS trouble to find the place (like he mentioned) ;). Β I’m sure he was pretty scared thinking I might yell πŸ˜› & he was very surprised to see me all chilled. Β Actually I was glad he missed the program otherwise he would have seen me counting stars on the stage.

AB: oh Im soo sorry I missed your dance… are you angry?
Me : oh no… its ok hun… :P…
2 other guys: Bcoz of AB we missed our wives’ dance.
(ab was driving them to the temple)
AB: “shocked” :O… “ya coz of meee huh … trying to play safe?”…
Someone: hey our poor husbands missed the dance (so no photos of us L ) so why don’t we dance for them in the tennis court by Rsh’s apartment
Girls: great… sounds good… what do you think guys…
Guys: :O “huh” “hmmm” “erghhh…” nahh thats ok… u guys are tired rite…
us: oh no … thats ok… lets go…

Guys: “damn it” 😦  😦

Β — The dialogues in quotes are my imagination from their facial expressions ;)…

We danced again in the Tennis court & made them video tape it again: D… this time w/ less mistakes.


Overall, It was a great day and we had so much fun πŸ™‚