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I usually hate Sunday evenings & Mondays, especially because of the thought of getting up in the morning to go to work/school. However I never totally disliked a month in a year. Beginning of this year was going totally well & then March came and all the bad things started happening. May be they are not the worse in your eyes but its worse for me.

1st week – Violation

“If they think I’m going to stop at that stop sign, they’re sadly mistaken!”

Whenever AB & I go to our friends’ place, he is always the driver and I just entertain/torture him with my non stop talking. One day Smit… told me about her mom’s famous kappa biriyani and I just couldn’t stop drooling. She offered me some & I just couldn’t wait till the evening to pick it up. So I drove to her place following the GPS madam’s instructions. This stupid gps ammachi didn’t bother to tell me there was a stop sign coming up 😦 hence I missed it 😀 (ya she is the last person whom I can blame..) . Who knew a cop (on cycle) would be there waiting for someone like me to miss that stop sign. Anyways long story short, I got a $250 traffic violation ticket & I have to take an 8 hr (slow death) traffic class.

2nd , 3rd week & 4th week – Delete (y/n)

These were the weeks of lay offs. I always thought the best field or the safest is the health care field. Well I still think it’s the safest comparatively but nothing is “safe” in this economy. My client company announced there will be a small cut down of resources mid 2nd week and on Wednesday my coworkers Vid & Apm got their notices saying that they have 2 days left in the company. But they managed to contact some other group and found 2 positions there and moved there. 3rd week Monday, they lay off 890 FTs and our manager told us that they will cut down the contractors as well. None of us knew who all are going to be kicked out. 3 days later, they announced the names. Luckily I was not one among them, but I really feel bad for the other 3 who had to leave.

The # of projects we are currently working on (incld. me) are very less and we got an email that says they will consider reducing the contractor staffing even more… 😛 hmmm, so nothing is for sure… There is going to be another set of layoffs pretty soon…

4th week – Deaths

I don’t want to go in details here coz I don’t like to write about deaths. I heard about 3-4 deaths this week and all of them were about kids/babies. I don’t know why HE took them away from their loved ones at a young age itself.  I can’t even think about how their parents must be feeling now. And I really hope & pray that it doesn’t happen to anyone else.  May they all rest in peace!!!!!

I don’t think I need more reasons to dislike this month. Few days are still left in March for the 5th week and I just can’t wait for the next month…