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It’s been almost a month since I logged in here. I thought of writing here whenever good/bad, a disagreement, a fight, or anything that sort happened. But I was too lazy to open this up and write.  In the past 1 month, I got too busy at work… bla bla bla… I think I’m just trying to make up excuses to console me that I didn’t get time to check my blog.. lol. . anyways… 😀

This week was special to me, coz it’s the birthday week. It started off with my bro’s bday, and 2 of my friends’ bdays back to back  🙂 :).. We all are planning to get together for the night and most probably will go for a movie (“Hariharnagar 2”). I have heard bad & good reviews about the movie. But I’m just going to take my chances and watch it.

I’m not getting much to scribble down. I’m feeling very sleepy .. Don’t get me wrong thinking its late night, its just 2:19 pm.

All of you out there, wide awake and reading my blog…  :P… have a great weekend & have lotssssssssss of fun…