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Post Dated: May 8th, 09

In the last 2 months, I saw many people (friends, colleagues) losing jobs and leaving their companies. Our team had 7 (incld. me) contractors and I saw each one of them leave. Every time VP announced a lay off, my heart beats increased at least by 50 or 60.  😀 But my name was never on the list 🙂

One week back they announced a 15% pay rate cut for all contractors to avoid massive lay offs. To tell you the truth, I was bit relieved. 😛 Finally 2 days back, the vendor company told me “Sorry we have a bad news, “My Company” let us know that Friday will be your last day. Please work with Mr. MX to transition your work to someone else in the team. They also mentioned that they are very sorry to loose you… bla bla bla bla bla”. I didn’t say anything for few secs, and then I said “ok… thanks for letting me know”. Im not sure what I meant by that statement but that’s what came to my mind at that time. I was not surprised, depressed, sad or anything (may be confused 😉 ).

I tried to talk to my manager AD but he is in Japan for a conference 😡 . So I went and talked to KK (another manager, higher level to AD) and he was very surprised because he didn’t even know about this. I told few of my colleagues and they were also shocked. I guess only AD knows the real reason. KK is trying to track him down and kick his ***. lol … I guess I will only get to know the final decision by eob today…

I’m still not sure what I feel, but inner inner mind I’m feeling bit relieved.

Finally the wait is over….

yea rite… thats what I thought….

Update: May 14th, 09

On May 8th, I said “ I guess I will only get to know the final decision by eob today…” Its May 14th today and I still dont know their final decision.  I handed over most of my projects to other people.  I’m still in a standby mode waiting to hear a final decision. Either tell me “we are sorry… but you have to go..” or “hurrayy you are staying..” .. now im more like “chekkuthanum kadalinum nadukku” situation…  lol …

Update: May 28th, 09

I’m not in that situation anymore… things got finalized… today is my last day… hurrayyy!!! (not for loosing the job but for knowing the final decision) ;)…

good luck to everyone out there who lost jobs & searching for one… one more member to your club 🙂