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End to that unemployment phase… I’m back to workkk… 🙂
I’ve always tried to make myself believe that “everything happens for the good”…
But I seldom remember it when I really need it. 😉

When my last job contract ended, I was like “now what????” :O and I thought the time until the next job is going to be the worst ever. But actually, it turned out to be THE best. I got to spend time w/ my parents, we took a 1 month India trip,read few books,got to chill @ home for almost a month and half and now back to work… :)… It was like the perfect vacation time.. sometimes I get scared thinking abt all this… coz it sounds too good to be true.. I looked for a job for around 3 weeks…3rd week I got an interview call for a fulltime job from a company around 5 miles from home.. had 4-5 rounds of interviews including face to face…finished the last interview on a friday and got the job offer letter on monday… started working on the next monday… I feel all of this happened too fast and still cant beleive its true :).. I beleive its all god’s grace and natn else..

Those who are out there looking for a job, I understand how frustrating that period can be.. but hang in there… you will find something soon… dont lose hope..something really good is waiting for you…

Keep in Mind:
“Everything happens for a reason. Every action has a reaction. Always remember that whats meant to be will always find a way to come about.”… 🙂