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Ghajini – 03 – Kaise Mujhe.mp3


Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gayi, Kismat Pe Aaye Naa Yakeen
How did you become mine? I can’t believe my good fortune

Utar Aayi Jheel Mein, Jaise Chaand Utar Ta Hai
You came to my life..like the moon descends by the lake occasionally

Kabhi Haule Haule Dheere Se
Slowly and graciously

Gunguni dhoop ki tarah se tarannum mein tum
Like the touch of warm sunrays

Chhooke mujhe Guzri ho yun
You showered me with melodious caresses

Dekhoon tumhe, Ya main sunoo.
Should I look at you or should I listen to you?

Tum ho sukoon, Tum ho junoon
You are my solace, you are my passion

Kyun pehle na Aayi tum?
Why you didn’t you come earlier?

Main to ye sochta tha ke aaj kal
Upar wale ko fursat nahi

I used to think that God is no longer unhurried and relaxed [has no time for me]
Phir bhi tumhe banake woh

Meri nazar mein chadh gaya
Rutbe mein woh aur badh gaya
But, having created you, his respect and status has risen in my eyes

Badley raaste jharne aur nadi,
Roads, streams and river may change their course

Badley deep ki tim tim
Radiance of lamps may diminish

Chhede zindagi dhoon koi nayi,
Life may initiate a new tune

Badley barkha ki rim jhim.
Raindrops may hum a different note

Badlengi rituyen adaa
Seasons may change their style

Par main rahoongi sada
But, I will remain forever

Usi tarah teri bahon mein bahen daalke
In your embrace, like always..

Har lamha Har pal
Each moment each second

Zindagi sitar ho gayi,
Life has become like (melodious sound of) sitar [after you came in my life]

Rimjhim malhaar ho gayi,
Like flow of the Malhaar ragaa

Mujhe aata nahi kismat pe apni yakeen, Kaise mujhko mili tum
I can’t believe how fortunate I am to have you in my life

Full Credits to : syday