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“Change is inevitable. Change will happen. Change is happening. Every moment is a new moment. The last moment changed into this moment. And this moment will change into the next. This moment is all there is. That is it, this moment.

Yet, this moment is rarely what we want it to be. We try to stop change by holding on to someone or something even if we know that it would be better for us to let it or the person go. We do this because sometimes the unknown could be worse than our current situation.

We sometimes wish that change moved faster or slower or stood still but the more we will it to be what it is not, the opposite occurs. Needless to say many of us do not feel comfortable (to say the least) with change. Change doesn’t have to be a negative experience – it can be absolutely thrilling if you let go of trying to control the moment.”

I wanted to write about how people change or something related to that. But I guess someone else already said similar to what I had in mind.

Credit (http://embraceyourlifetransition.blogspot.com/)