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***Spoiler Alert*** ūüėõ

Even though I’m a movie buff (most of the time), I usually don’t write reviews anywhere. But I think this movie need to be reviewed. I did not have a lot of expectations when I went for this movie. well can you blame me? Most of the recent mallu movies were really BADDDDDDD with stupid story lines. Actually angane paranjal pora. Manushyane mandanakkunna story lines & some imported N.Indian girls to show skin. Vineeth Sreenivasanante direction il ulla malarvadi arts club nannayi ennu parakke abhiprayam kettuvenkilum kanan pattiyilla. ¬†well let me go back to my topic.

The movie/story is set on the backdrop of a beautiful high range. I think bits of the story line were there in many other movies like kasthuri man, kanmadham, samyuktha in veendum chila veetukaryangal etc.. ¬†A girl leaving her studies behind and ¬†supporting her family. The story line also runs through an unsaid love story between Elsamma (Ann) and Unni (Kunchako Boban) . It also discuss about some disasters in Kerala like madya durantham, mannidiyal prashnam etc. ¬†Nayakante karyam paranju appol oru prathinayakan (indrajith) venamallo. ¬†Sambannanaya appopantem, achanteyum panchara kunchu aya otta makan… lol.. Well the viewers can guess what happens next… him proposing to the heroine… obviously her saying no… ¬†etc etc etc… Long story short… my favourite part.. a happy ending :).

The director didn’t overdo any of the scenes or dialogues. kudos to everyone who worked for this movie. Songs are not very catchy. ¬†Some of the lyrics didn’t even make sense. The new heroine is a very promising actress. Lal Jose mentioned in one of his interviews that he approached Meera Jasmine for this role. I’m really glad that he didn’t cast her. I’m tired of seeing her in those mezhukuthiri roles. Kunchacko, Indrajith and jagathy did a good job too. Let’s see whether Indrajith get type casted as a poovalan now. His role was similar in classmates & happy husbands. Kunchacko’s¬†mannerism¬†reminded me of Jayaram in Manasinakkare. Hopefully¬†other directors won’t follow this trend now and come up with 5 similar movies. uff!!!

These are just my thoughts on the movie.

For detailed review: http://tinyurl.com/35ldj66