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This is totally a baby post. The ones who doesn’t like mommies talking about their kids, please stay away.

My baby turned 10 months last week. 2 more months and he will be 1 yr (that also reminds me that AB will be 31 in 2 months). I can’t believe that he (our kid) has been in our life for 1 yr now. I still remember the day, we brought him home, like it was yesterday.

I think we did a good job so far with him. I’m sure most parents feels that way. I feel like all his achievements are mine and mine only. I think I’m possessive and protective of him (not too much though… that’s what I claim at least).

Updates @ 10 Months 

He can crawl really well and he is crawling faster than us walking (ok thats exaggeration but still …)
He is pulling himself up and making baby steps by holding on to something.
He can stand by himself for 2-3 seconds but once he realize that he is standing, he falls down on his butt with a grin on his face.
He doesn’t like to be inside the house for too long (like his amma). But he throws a small fit when I bring him inside even after spending an hour outside.
He likes watching cars but more than that he likes to lick/eat/chew on the patio chairs.

He finds it very funny when I take him near our pooja place and pray to god.
90% of the time he will fake cry when I try to strap him to the car seat. The minute he is buckled up he will stop crying. I think that the poor thing knows that there is no use in the fake cries anymore.

He likes to play with his amma more than his acha. Whenever he is in the living room with his dad and if I’m in the kitchen, he will crawl to the entrance of the kitchen to check up on me. The moment he see my face, he will sit for a while and turn around and go back to his dad. If he is irritated with his dad, he will crawl all the way to me and raise his hands to me (baby lanugage “enne edutho” (take me)).

He will give us big smiles but it takes a great deal of effort for other people to make him smile. His grandparents often complains that he doesn’t look at them when he see them on skype.

He is a good eater (again like his mom) so far. He will eat veggie purees and fruit purees with the same enthusiasm.

Play Time:

Amma’s Own Peek-A-Boo
He still loves my version of peek-a-boo (oliche kande) and when I say “kunju enthye” (where is the baby?) he makes some noise to let me know where he is.
I’m surprised that this is one game that he liked since he was 2 months.
I revised the game little bit now. I will act as if I’m hiding behind the couch or behind a wall and when I say “oliche” he will come and find me and laugh uncontrollably. These might sound very silly to a person without any kids but then I’m sure most moms/parents will understand the feeling.

How can I not mention “Kathu”. His uncle (chittappa) introduced him to the malayalam cartoon called “Kathu”. He loves it and will sit very quietly for the whole video song. If I need to get his attention, I sing that song and he will be idle and staring at me for at least a minute. I get my stuff done in that time span. In the morning if he wake up crying for milk, by the time we warm up the milk, one of us will play the video on the phone and calm him down. I’m very very grateful to the people who created that animated video song. You have no idea how much you’ve helped me out!!


He has been a good sleeper so far. He started sleeping 4 hr stretches at 7 weeks and started sleeping through the night around 10 weeks. Nowadays he will sleep from 9:30 pm – 7:15 am. There are good days and bad days but mostly good days, hence I can’t complain. I think his sleep schedule worked out because of 50% luck (genes from his dad’s side) and 50% tough love.

Until 6 weeks, he was waking up every 2 hrs and I used to feed him. After 6 weeks when I had to go back to work, my doc suggested us to do CIO. It was very very hard to see him crying. We both felt horrible doing that. I took him and fed him after 10 minutes. Next day, the same routine but after 10 mins of sobbing he went back to sleep and slept for 4 hrs straight. Next day he only woke up after 4 hrs. Even though it was very very hard to watch/hear, I think that was the best advice we ever got from the doc and it saved our life.

Don’t even get me started on co-sleeping. We didn’t co-sleep at all for various reasons. I know people who have raised their eyebrows when I said “he sleeps in his crib next to our bed”. FYI: I love my kid no less than any other mom out there. But I have no issues with someone judging, because me & my DS needed our beauty sleep and our own space for sleeping.

There are lot more happening in our home but thats all for the cyberspace!