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I’ve heard people saying its better to travel with babies when they are young. I couldn’t understand why, but now I KNOW why! We took Singapore airlines and the whole journey (including the lay over) was 34 hrs. By the time we reached TVM, I felt like we started our journey weeks back. Appoos didn’t cry because of ear pains but he was very uncomfortable and wanted to move/crawl around. The tiny bassinet didn’t help either.

5 weeks in India :
The 2nd week of our vacation, AB got cold and then as the dutiful husband, he passed it on to me ( grrr…. ). Unfortunately Appoos got it too. This was his first cold and it was really painful to see him suffer with congested nose. Luckily he got better in 3-4 days. My cold, coughing, throat issues stayed for a good 3 weeks. Appoos had 3-4 Onam sadyas and had his thulaabaram in a devi temple.

Shopping was really hard with a baby. Me being picky, also didn’t really help the process. AB and I ate a lot of food. Mainly porotta, chicken dishes, rice, curries etc. We went on a Houseboat for a day and enjoyed the food & company. Overall we had a good time.

On our way back, we stayed in Singapore for 3-4 days. I loved loved that part of our vacation.  No household chores, no DIL responsibilities… just eat out, hang out, sleep … bliss! even if it was only for 3 days, it was a perfect vacation for me. Loved it!

The flight back to Cali was better. Appoos slept long hours. I managed to watch “What you are expecting when you are expecting” and “Bel Ami”.

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