My Kitchen!!!

I’m not a great cook, but I think most (note the point 😀 ) of the items I cook come out edible.  Like most of the girls, I was also very unfamiliar with Kitchen or anything related to it (other than eating 😛 ) when I got married. I knew AB was a great cook and I thought “hurrayy… that solves the problem..”.  Well it didn’t… he didn’t cook much since I joined him 😦 and I had to start my cooking experiments.  Its been one year since I started my experiments and I think some of the items are not experiments anymore :D.  Afterall, “Practice makes a man/woman perfect” . Right? 🙂


Fish Molly

Kovakka Thoran

Chicken Jalfrezi

2 thoughts on “My Kitchen!!!”

  1. Same like me…My hubby is gr8 cook but he just stand besides me whenever i have to cook something and give instructions….:-( ..It will be nice if you write some vegetatian recipes also on ur blog 😉

  2. yes exactly… wassup w/ these guys & instructions… 😉

    yea sure… will do… 🙂

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