Home Sweet Home :)


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yes thats right!!! home sweet home.. that’s where I’ve been in the past 2 months. 🙂

I’ve enjoyed sooo much in the past 2 months :).. We were planning for an India Trip in August. So once my contract (job) was finished, I didnt bother looking for a new one. I decided I will look for one once I get back from India. So I had no stress or tension thinking about the “unemployment” phase. I sat around, watched tv, stupid sitcoms, movies, read books, cooking experiments,visited my family in east coast, shopping && soooo many more stuff..

Then here comes the best part… 1 month in Kerala… god’s ownnnnnn country :)… I cant explain how much we loved our stay.  One month went sooo fastttttt :(.  First week, we took a 1 week road trip w/ my inlaws. The main aim was a theerthadanam ( basically a food”adanam”). The taste of kottayam fish curry, kozhikodu biriyani… hmm I dont think I will ever like my cooking again :D…

Some Restaurant suggestions for foodies like us : Kozhikodu Sagar (try the old sagar), Al-Bake , Alapuzha Brother’s (its a small crowded  hotel , but their fish curry meals & chicken curry — just superb) , TVM (Tharavattil, Rajadhani (just ok), Zam Zam, Sindoor, & sooo many more)

For those who love beaches, but dont like to go crazy if people are around : try the private beaches in Kovalam. Somatheeram, Thapovan, Coconut Bay Beach Resort etc etc,… there are sooo many of them.

After  looooooong 9 yrs, I got to spend Onam in Kerala. Eventhough, my amma made a big sadya every year & we went to all the onam celebs in US, it can’t be compared with the Onam in Kerala. I think its the feeling of being around w/ the family.. not just parents… but the whole big extended family… I just love that … 🙂 & ofcoz the sadhya w/ adapradhaman, paalada etc.

Few days before the trip, I had a small tension coz this was the first & longest time I was going to stay w/ my inlaws since wedding….. It was totally a great experience… I never knew inlaws could spoil you more than your own parents… and I experienced that….  and hats off to them for dealing with me :D… lol …  & on the way back we got free upgrade to business class 🙂 🙂 🙂 … So, overall it was a greaaaaat trip. It’s been more than  a week since we got back and I’m still talking about the trip lol..

Now back to reality… back to job hunt .. back to “my” cooking & housekeeping 😛 …  😦

Finally… The Wait is Over…


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Post Dated: May 8th, 09

In the last 2 months, I saw many people (friends, colleagues) losing jobs and leaving their companies. Our team had 7 (incld. me) contractors and I saw each one of them leave. Every time VP announced a lay off, my heart beats increased at least by 50 or 60.  😀 But my name was never on the list 🙂

One week back they announced a 15% pay rate cut for all contractors to avoid massive lay offs. To tell you the truth, I was bit relieved. 😛 Finally 2 days back, the vendor company told me “Sorry we have a bad news, “My Company” let us know that Friday will be your last day. Please work with Mr. MX to transition your work to someone else in the team. They also mentioned that they are very sorry to loose you… bla bla bla bla bla”. I didn’t say anything for few secs, and then I said “ok… thanks for letting me know”. Im not sure what I meant by that statement but that’s what came to my mind at that time. I was not surprised, depressed, sad or anything (may be confused 😉 ).

I tried to talk to my manager AD but he is in Japan for a conference 😡 . So I went and talked to KK (another manager, higher level to AD) and he was very surprised because he didn’t even know about this. I told few of my colleagues and they were also shocked. I guess only AD knows the real reason. KK is trying to track him down and kick his ***. lol … I guess I will only get to know the final decision by eob today…

I’m still not sure what I feel, but inner inner mind I’m feeling bit relieved.

Finally the wait is over….

yea rite… thats what I thought….

Update: May 14th, 09

On May 8th, I said “ I guess I will only get to know the final decision by eob today…” Its May 14th today and I still dont know their final decision.  I handed over most of my projects to other people.  I’m still in a standby mode waiting to hear a final decision. Either tell me “we are sorry… but you have to go..” or “hurrayy you are staying..” .. now im more like “chekkuthanum kadalinum nadukku” situation…  lol …

Update: May 28th, 09

I’m not in that situation anymore… things got finalized… today is my last day… hurrayyy!!! (not for loosing the job but for knowing the final decision) ;)…

good luck to everyone out there who lost jobs & searching for one… one more member to your club 🙂

Sleepy Day!!!


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It’s been almost a month since I logged in here. I thought of writing here whenever good/bad, a disagreement, a fight, or anything that sort happened. But I was too lazy to open this up and write.  In the past 1 month, I got too busy at work… bla bla bla… I think I’m just trying to make up excuses to console me that I didn’t get time to check my blog.. lol. . anyways… 😀

This week was special to me, coz it’s the birthday week. It started off with my bro’s bday, and 2 of my friends’ bdays back to back  🙂 :).. We all are planning to get together for the night and most probably will go for a movie (“Hariharnagar 2”). I have heard bad & good reviews about the movie. But I’m just going to take my chances and watch it.

I’m not getting much to scribble down. I’m feeling very sleepy .. Don’t get me wrong thinking its late night, its just 2:19 pm.

All of you out there, wide awake and reading my blog…  :P… have a great weekend & have lotssssssssss of fun…


Kovakka Thoran

Kovakka/Tindora/Ivy Gourd/Dondakai – Thoran

In India, ivy gourd is often recommended to diabetics due to its low glycemic index and its possible ability to help regular blood glucose.  Ivy gourd contains beta-carotene, a major vitamin A precursor from plant sources. It is also considered a good source of protein and fiber.

I usually make kovakka mezhukupuratti instead of thoran. Today I was just browsing through the recipe sites and came across “The budding cook” . It had a recipe for this thoran and I thought I will try it out with some changes…

Here is the recipe that I followed:

  • Kovakka – 1/2 kg – slice them into 4 (length wise)
  • Mini Carrots – 10 – slice them into 4 (length wise)
  • Green Chillies – 6 – slice lengthwise
  • Turmeric Powder – ½ tsp
  • Salt – 2 Tbsp (or to taste)
  • Shredded Coconut – 1 small cup

Combine all the above items in a pan with 1 cup water. Cover with a lid and cook for 15 – 20 mins in medium heat (or until they are cooked). After 10 mins, add crushed chilly (1 tsp) to the pan.  Mix well and close the lid.

  • Red Pearl Onions–  7 (thinly diced)
  • Mustard seeds – ½ tsp
  • Curry leaves – 2 sprigs
  • Oil – 1 Tbsp

Heat ½ Tbsp oil in a pan. Add the mustard seeds and when they start spluttering, add the shallots and curry leaves. Once they are well sautéed, add them to the pan with cooked kovakka. Add the rest of the oil to the thoran and saute it well till it turns dry (Keep it on low flame for 5 – 10 mins )

Serve with Rice.


March ??? Not my month in ‘09


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I usually hate Sunday evenings & Mondays, especially because of the thought of getting up in the morning to go to work/school. However I never totally disliked a month in a year. Beginning of this year was going totally well & then March came and all the bad things started happening. May be they are not the worse in your eyes but its worse for me.

1st week – Violation

“If they think I’m going to stop at that stop sign, they’re sadly mistaken!”

Whenever AB & I go to our friends’ place, he is always the driver and I just entertain/torture him with my non stop talking. One day Smit… told me about her mom’s famous kappa biriyani and I just couldn’t stop drooling. She offered me some & I just couldn’t wait till the evening to pick it up. So I drove to her place following the GPS madam’s instructions. This stupid gps ammachi didn’t bother to tell me there was a stop sign coming up 😦 hence I missed it 😀 (ya she is the last person whom I can blame..) . Who knew a cop (on cycle) would be there waiting for someone like me to miss that stop sign. Anyways long story short, I got a $250 traffic violation ticket & I have to take an 8 hr (slow death) traffic class.

2nd , 3rd week & 4th week – Delete (y/n)

These were the weeks of lay offs. I always thought the best field or the safest is the health care field. Well I still think it’s the safest comparatively but nothing is “safe” in this economy. My client company announced there will be a small cut down of resources mid 2nd week and on Wednesday my coworkers Vid & Apm got their notices saying that they have 2 days left in the company. But they managed to contact some other group and found 2 positions there and moved there. 3rd week Monday, they lay off 890 FTs and our manager told us that they will cut down the contractors as well. None of us knew who all are going to be kicked out. 3 days later, they announced the names. Luckily I was not one among them, but I really feel bad for the other 3 who had to leave.

The # of projects we are currently working on (incld. me) are very less and we got an email that says they will consider reducing the contractor staffing even more… 😛 hmmm, so nothing is for sure… There is going to be another set of layoffs pretty soon…

4th week – Deaths

I don’t want to go in details here coz I don’t like to write about deaths. I heard about 3-4 deaths this week and all of them were about kids/babies. I don’t know why HE took them away from their loved ones at a young age itself.  I can’t even think about how their parents must be feeling now. And I really hope & pray that it doesn’t happen to anyone else.  May they all rest in peace!!!!!

I don’t think I need more reasons to dislike this month. Few days are still left in March for the 5th week and I just can’t wait for the next month…

Dance Baby! Dance…


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Several times in my old posts I mentioned that I loveeeee dance & I’m saying it again… I just love it!!! 😛

 A month back we (4 of my friends + me) participated in a semi classical dance competition.  The choreography was really good and it was a song about Lord Ganesha… Most of us messed up here and there but very minimal for the audience to notice 😉 … at least that’s what I think.  It’s really hard to get costumes here for any dances other than bangra or dandia costumes. We didn’t want to use any of those sorts, so we bought materials (net cloth, linings & lace) and stitched it. Thanks to Wal-Mart & Michaels !!!!  We dragged all of our close friends to watch the program. Since most of us have lotsa common friends; the audience list from our side was very less ;). But anyways long story short, surprise… we won first 🙂 🙂 🙂 ….


 2 weeks later we (5 of us) participated in a Holi dance program in a nearby temple. It was more of a cinematic dance & most of us enjoyed it during the practice. I think it was mainly bcoz the dance had too many quick movements & we thought “hey best way to burn calories”. Most of us are of the same kind “got a gym less than 2 apts away but too many excuses to stay away from it, like “apartment gym is too small”, “too many guys”… bla bla bla.  Coming back to the topic…this dance was not a competition, so I think the seriousness level was really low (for me at least). May be that’s the reason 😉 we forgot few steps on stage. The very funny part was that, 95% of the other participants were <10 aged 😀 and audience were quite surprised to see us. None of our so called “close” friends showed up for this program… may be bcoz we scared the he** outa them in the last one ;).. well cant blame them… even AB was not there to see the dance; he came exactly 10 minutes after our dance. I wonder whether it was intentional or just a GPS trouble to find the place (like he mentioned) ;).  I’m sure he was pretty scared thinking I might yell 😛 & he was very surprised to see me all chilled.  Actually I was glad he missed the program otherwise he would have seen me counting stars on the stage.

AB: oh Im soo sorry I missed your dance… are you angry?
Me : oh no… its ok hun… :P…
2 other guys: Bcoz of AB we missed our wives’ dance.
(ab was driving them to the temple)
AB: “shocked” :O… “ya coz of meee huh … trying to play safe?”…
Someone: hey our poor husbands missed the dance (so no photos of us L ) so why don’t we dance for them in the tennis court by Rsh’s apartment
Girls: great… sounds good… what do you think guys…
Guys: :O “huh” “hmmm” “erghhh…” nahh thats ok… u guys are tired rite…
us: oh no … thats ok… lets go…

Guys: “damn it” 😦  😦

 — The dialogues in quotes are my imagination from their facial expressions ;)…

We danced again in the Tennis court & made them video tape it again: D… this time w/ less mistakes.


Overall, It was a great day and we had so much fun 🙂

Another Tag :D

Arvind has tagged all his friends on this one, and I choose to do it 🙂

1)What is your occupation?

2)What colour are your socks now?


3)What are you listening to now?

Nenjai poopole thuyuthavalae (again & again)… love that song 🙂

4)What was the last thing you ate?

Indian lunch buffet from a nearby restaurant… I feel too full and its almost 5 pm :P

5)Can you drive a stick shift?
Nahhhhh 😦

6)Last person you spoke to on phone?
Vid.. one of my friend… have to pick her up on my way back…

7)Do you like the person who sent you this?
Yes , why should i dislike a person :)

8)How old are you today?
same age as i was yesterday 🙂

9)What is your favourite sport to watch on TV?
sport? really? how about change of channel ..  no wait… I can watch basketball..

10)What are your favourite drinks?
hmmm natn too fav…

11)Have you ever dyed your hair?

12)Favourite food?
Typical Kerala food 🙂

13)Last movie watched?
A Walk to Remember (yesterday in ABC Family)

14)Favourite day of the year?
Saturday 😀 :) :D

15)How do you vent out your anger?
😀 hmm depends on whom Im angry with.. if its family… scream, cry, calm down…  others… hmm complain to AB :P .

16)Favourite toy as a child?
stuffed toys especially teddy bear (even now) :P .

17)Favourite season?
Spring :)…

18)Do you want your friends to email you?
Ya I like emails :)…  Im good in responding to mails than calls 😀 :D

19)When was the last time you cried?
hmmm yesterday hahaha I hit my head on the door  :) .

20)What is on the floor of your closet?
1 or 2 hangers 😀

21)Who is the friend you have had the longest?
Neens (since kindergarden ) , Deeps (my neighbor in kerala… so from birth 😀 )…

22)What did you do last night?
ate. watched movie, lost and slept :) .

23)What are you most afraid of?
well arvind’s answer… career right now .

24)Plain,cheese or spicy hamburger?
hamburger 😀

25)Favourite dog breed?
dunno… I like all of them as long as they are cute 😀

26)Favorite time in the week?
Friday 5pm 😀

27)How many states have you lived in?

28)Diamond or pearl?
doesnt matter  :P

29)What is your wish for this new year?
I didnt wish anything… I will just take things as it comes.  :P

30)New year resolutions?
I didnt take any this year… why bother to take one if I cant keep it 😀 …

well there it goes… 🙂

I tag this to everyone who wants to answer this tag 🙂

Fish Molly

Fish Molly/Molee/Moli

This is my version of Fish Molly. I used Mrs. K . M Mathew’s Fish Molee Recipe for the most part of the cooking. Some websites suggested frying the fish for a bit, so that it wont break in the curry. Anyways, it came out well 🙂


1. 1/2 kg fish fillets, cut into pieces (I used Tilapia Fillets)

2. 2 cup refined vegetable oil

3. 1 cup onion, sliced

4. 1 tsp garlic, crushed

5. 1 tsp ginger, crushed

6. 6 green chillies, half slit

7. 1 tsp peppercorns, crushed

8. A few curry leaves

9. 2 cups thin coconut milk

10. Salt to taste

11. 1 big tomato, cut into four (I cubed it)

12. 1 cup thick coconut milk


1. Clean fish well in salted water ( I used vinegar).

2. Heat oil in a pan. Saute onion, garlic, ginger, chillies, peppercorns and curry leaves.

3. Add thin coconut milk and stir to a simmering point. Add fish pieces and salt. Cook the fish over low heat with the lid on until the gravy thickens.

4. Stir in tomato and thick coconut milk. Continue to cook over low heat for a few minutes, taking care to see that the curry does not curdle.

5. Remove from heat and serve hot.


Happy Valentines Day!!!


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3 – 4 yrs back, Vday was just like any other day for me… but then it suddenly became special… coz that was the first time a guy (the special one) send me  roses (btw I loveeeeeeee flowers)  …  I called the guy and said thanks and i was going on and on about the flowers …

Him:  “well there was another package with it… didnt u get it..”…

Me: ehh… ahh.. yaaa a diamond ear ring set right… yea its cute… but listen those flowers are  ……
(he listened to me for the next 5 mins and then..)

Him: (bit disappointed)… I thought diamonds are girls’ best friends…

Me: is it??? really? Im not sure… they are definetly not mine… 😀

Him: wattttt… I will never buy anything for you…

then the discussion started there… and I told him I’m not too much into diamonds etc.. but now when I think about it, I should have appreciated it more. He was just a student at that time and it probably took a lot outa his pocket to get that for me..  The funny thing is that, I still have the set in my locker and I never wore it even once :D…

Happiness level just adds up when I recollect those memories from the past and realizing the present that the “guy” is my hubby now :)..

I just want to tell you all that  ” People who are meant to be together will always find their way. ”

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone 🙂

19 : 19


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How to and what to :

1. You are given a set of questions.
2. Google the image which best suits the answer and post a picture from first page of image search with minimal explanation.
3. After you finish tag 6 other blogger friends and let them know.

Vimmu tagged me on this.  Let me try to finish it in the next 30 minutes 🙂

1.Your age on your next birthday

2. A place you’d like to travel to

Always God’s Own Country 🙂

3. Your Favorite place

again my hometown in kerala 🙂

4. Your favorite food/drink

chicken_varattiyathu by deepann.

Kerala paratta & Kozhi curry


Kappa Vevichathu & Fish Curry


karikkin vellam

5. Your favorite pet


6. Your favorite color combination


Red, Black, Dark Pink

7. Your favorite piece of clothing

8. Your all time favorite song

there are many songs I love… this is just one among them

9. Your favorite TV show

No question on that 🙂

10. Full name of your significant other

cant beleive this came up 🙂

11. The town in which you live

the map is too small right… I know 😀

12. Your screen name/nickname

cant beleive its there 🙂

13. Your first job

Internship @ GE

14. Your Dream Job

wanted to be a proffesional classical dancer or a teacher :).

15: Bad Habit you have

I usually trust everyone I meet and most of the time I get hurt in the end.

16. Your worst fear

Im scared of darkness.

17. The one thing you would like to do before you die

hmmm I cant answer that … hmmm… hmmm… still thinking :D….

18. The first thing you’ll buy if you get $1,000,000

First thing will be donating some money to charity..

19.Your favourite credo in life.

I love everyone :)…

Try to forgive & forget, if not, atleast forgive and learn a lesson from what happened.


It took me more than 30 minutes to finish this. I have no energy to tag anyone today… I think I will do that the next time I login..

Till then… Be Happy… Keep Smiling… Adios ~ Remya

p.s : tagging : – Alice , Aparna , Rads, amreekandesi , Rekha