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What would you call two people who meet once and get to know a fair amount of information about each other or about their life but never keep in touch or might never see again? Usually when I travel I try to get some reading done or get some sleep. But this time unfortunately I picked a book by J.D. Robb and it was horribly boring. So there I was wide awake and bored to the core. I thought of chit chatting w/ someone but the man next to me looked little scary and when I smiled he kind of gave me serious “nod” and that took me right back to my boring book.

The next connection flight was for 4 hrs. Due the earlier “nod” situation I didn’t even bother to look at the person sitting next to me. The turbulence was really bad and unknowingly I had my palm on my chest.  Then I heard a nice friendly question from the next seat “are you nervous?” Then that person introduced him/her self as “MT” and we talked about movies, our lives, travel etc.  Sometimes MT asked for my opinions and I could give my honest opinions because I didn’t have to worry about this person judging me or keeping a grudge :P.  MT never asked anything too personal. Neither did I.  We had an on and off conversations for around 4 hrs.  Then the flight landed and we went separate ways saying good bye and a “nice to meet you” handshake. We didn’t exchange email addresses, phone number or social networking usernames. I don’t even think MT knows my last name.

So this takes me back to my previous question. What would I/you call a person like MT? A Friend? An Acquaintance? or a Stranger?