Twenty:20 is a 2008 Malayalam action-drama film directed by Joshi, written by Uday Krishnan-Sibi K. Thomas, and produced by Dileep. The film is known for starring all the major actors in the Malayalam film industry. Twenty:20 is probably the only project in the history of modern cinema in which all major actors in a film industry has taken part. The actors worked without pay in order to raise funds for the Association of Malayalam Movie Artists (AMMA).

This movie made a huge fuzz in Kerala with a huge collection record & such.  I wanted to see it soo badly over the thanksgiving weekend. However, our thx giving guests (Abhi’s friends) already watched the movie and stopped us from watching it over the weekend :P.  Anyways, I dragged Abhi along, & went to the theatre.  As a side note: we had dinner (kadai chicken & naan) from Heritage India & the kadai chicken was just yuck!!!!

Now back to the movie review, like wikipedia noted, it was an action-drama movie… natn special… too many actors come n go… and has nothing to do in the movie. Mammootty & Mohanlal are the main stars of the show (as always) and the director & producer did a good job in keeping their fans associations happy. Nayantara, Prithviraj, Kunchako, Jayasurya etc made guest appearances in one song “hey dil diwaana” (by the way… I cant even rate 1 for that song)…. Dileep’s face couldnt pass for a medical student & looked wayyyy older than a 23 yr old guy.. :P… Overall, I will rate this movie a 3/5.