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I have a sibling type relationship with a person and lets call him/her “RJ”.

I’ve known RJ for almost 6 yrs now but the relationship was always rocky. We both wanted to be friends but then something weird will happen. In the beginning I used to wonder why this is the way it is.  Then I try to make myself understand that this is how it is always going to be. But every year, I feel like I can do something about this and I initiate a conversation/exchange of emails or something. In the past years, it will go on fine for few days and then everything goes back to square one. This year also I initiated the conversation and it is going well as of now. I’m hoping for this time it will go on fine. I’m happy that we are communicating but also scared that I might say something and ruin this.

One might wonder what is the need of putting effort into mending a relation that didn’t work in the past. But to my defense I would like to have RJ as part of my life. AB always warn me that it might stop after few days and that I need to be ready for it. He knows very well that I will get upset (like past years) if that happens again.

Hopefully 5th time is the charm!

Signing off!