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Continuation of Mending a Relation

Apparently, 5th time wasn’t the charm.

I don’t think I will be going back and initiating a conversation with RJ anytime soon. RJ had soo many ups and downs in the past 2 months and it was beyond the limit. RJ even asked me why the hell am I forcing to mend the relation again and again. I can’t even believe that this person had the nerve to say that. Looking from RJ’s perspective, it is me initiating conversations and it is me trying to fix things. RJ must be thinking that her/his life will be much better if I don’t exist in the picture. Whatever the reason is… enough is enough… I’m taking a break from all these relation stuff and going to let RJ go for the time being.

Hopefully coming new year I won’t feel like emailing again and being the “bigger” person…

If I do that and when I read this post, I will make sure to smack me!